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I've been so busy IRL and with my comics that i haven't been able to do any youtube speed drawing videos the last two weeks. Not even sure if i'm ready to start Chapter 6 yet or not...  I'm really a bit bummed out that i missed them but It's also got me thinking...

the last 2 years have been a fun experiment for me with YouTube! and honestly that experiment has kinda failed :(  I put quite a lot of work into setting up my channel, thinking of ideas, learning new techniques to try, and just screen recording and such but not much to gain from doing so... in the end I think i gained more reception over here on DA on the same pieces! so with that said I think I'll start trying to shift focus away from making art for Youtube and shift more twords making art for Deviantart! 

now to canadaize my main characters for chapter 6 :D 
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